Victoria, B.C. councillors travelled internationally in December

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When will the political hypocrisy end? Two Victoria city councillors, have recently been under fire after they took non-essential travel to enjoy their holiday somewhere warm and far away from the oppressive COVID-19 restrictions we were expected to comply with back in Canada.

The Times Colonist surveyed “all 93 municipal councillors in Greater Victoria to see if they had travelled internationally during the Christmas break or since the start of the pandemic.” 76 out of the 78 councillors who replied “said they had not travelled internationally since March” of last year. That left two who admitted to doing so.

Victoria Councillor Sharmarke Dubow provoked fury from both lockdown advocates, and lockdown opposers, after getting busted for travelling internationally to celebrate the holidays with his family in East Africa. Perhaps the backlash was predominantly because in his written apology, he spent more time justifying his actions then he did actually apologizing.

On the other hand, Councillor Kyara Kahakauwila, from Greater Victoria’s Metchosin district, travelled with her husband to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, for what she claims was a“legitimate business trip in connection with her company, L.A. Limousines. According to the Times Colonist, the councillor said that she “didn’t hide it from anybody” and that “travelling is not illegal.”

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Can you believe the sea of politicians who escaped these oppressive COVID-19 restrictions? I can, because such restrictions are not compatible with human behaviour. That's why we at Rebel News continue to report the other side of the story of the declared pandemic.

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