We don’t agree with Times Square Diner's vax policy — but don't harass them!

Recently, we posted a video regarding the vaccination policy of the Times Square Diner in Toronto. And now we are pleading with you: if you are harassing this restaurant, please stop.

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Recently, we posted a video regarding the vaccination policy of the Times Square Diner in Toronto. The angle was this: on March 1, the province tossed the COVID-19 vaccination passport policy upon the scrapheap of obsolescence. Yet, some businesses, including the Times Square Diner, are still enforcing this now-defunct health mandate.

We found this to be quite odd indeed. After all, so many businesses were ravaged or even forced into bankruptcy over the past two years thanks to all the COVID lockdowns. Given that a measure of normalcy is now taking lease as the lockdown mandates are retired, why would any operator still want to be shackled by business-killing regulations? That was what we sought to discover with our visit to the Times Square Diner.

Now, to be clear, we don’t agree with shopkeepers demanding the medical information of their patrons – especially when there’s no longer any legal requirement to do so. And if the ostensible policy reason behind demanding patrons be fully vaccinated to stop the spread of COVID, well, we now know that being vax’d is not a fail-safe procedure to stop the spread of the virus given that even the fully-vaccinated can indeed infect others.

That said, a friend of the Times Square Diner recently reached out to me. And what he had to say was downright heartbreaking. Namely, since the video aired, the staffers at this restaurant have allegedly received death threats. As well, people are phoning in fake takeout orders, orders they have no intention of paying for. And the Times Square Diner has been bombarded with hundreds of fake bad reviews written by people who have never eaten there. He told me the staffers are terrified and business is down.

Simply put, this is not right; this is not justified. Carrying out such malicious actions is not the Rebel News way; it is not the conservative way. This is the bailiwick of the cancel culture left. This is something we loathe.

So, we are pleading with you: if you are harassing this restaurant, please: stop.

Rather, if you want to show your disdain for the vax policy of the Times Square Diner, vote with your wallet and go eat elsewhere. There are literally thousands of restaurants in Toronto that you can patronize; thousands of eateries that don’t care about your vax status. Go to these places and leave the Times Square Diner and its staff alone.

While we (and many viewers) might not agree with the vax policy at the Times Square Diner, this business does not deserve an economic death sentence. Please leave them alone. Thank you in advance.

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  • By David Menzies

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