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We Won't Ask

Calling all Canadian small business owners who won't require proof of vaccination from customers.

Are you a small business that is against vaccine passports in Canada and plan to keep your restaurant, store, or gym open to all patrons regardless of vaccination status?

Let us know, and we’ll report your breaking story.

Simply fill out this form with your details.

If you want to showcase that your business doesn't discriminate based on a patron's medical history, order a FREE sticker here.

You can also download FREE printable signs here.

Show the world you're against medical discrimination. Post a video or photo on your social accounts of you placing the sticker on your business with #WeWontAsk

Order a FREE "We Won't Ask Sticker" for your business!

If you are a small business owner against vaccine passports, fill out the form on this page. We’ll report your breaking story AND send you a FREE sticker for your storefront.

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