What's it like to work for Rebel News? Tamara Ugolini with Sheila Gunn Reid

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On the latest episode of The Gunn Show, new Rebel Tamara Ugolini talks about what it's like to get a phone call from Ezra Levant and how she's adjusting to the virtual office.

While other outlets struggled to adjust to working from home, Rebel was able to ramp up coverage when the lockdowns started. 

Here's what Tamara had to say:

“[What's surprising] is just how virtual we can all be, and be connected without having to leave your house, or your locale. So that's been really nice.

“And a bit of a surprise, because I thought for sure there would have to be some more travel, and I'm sure there will be, going forward.”

WATCH the clip to hear more from Tamara, and learn why she is a “completely different person” now compared to ten years ago.

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