From a Fight the Fines story to a Rebel reporter: Get to know Tamara Ugolini

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We have had a bunch of new Rebels join the team in the last few months and they have really hit the ground running.

Drea Humphrey is doing dangerous journalism in British Columbia, like visiting homeless encampments and coming within 50 ft of Jonathan Yaniv and his out of control mother.

Lisa Song Sutton, based in Las Vegas, is bringing us stories about gun rights and how the lockdown is harming those who make a living in entertainment on the Las Vegas strip.

And then there is our new reporter, Tamara Ugolini.

She is a mom from Cobourg, Ontario, who was one of our coronavirus Fight the Fines cases.

She refused to be kicked off the beach in her home town because of some dumb COVID rule and she was handcuffed and fined by police for her troubles. She was such a fighter the boss thought: why not have her work for us?

Tamara’s story with Rebel News is kind of like mine: a conservative mom, trying to advocate for the things you care about until one day you’re a reporter!

On tonight’s show, Tamara joins me so that we can get to know her a little better. We talk about what it’s like to be a Rebel and the issues she wants to use her newfound platform to tackle.

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