Why is the Canadian government trying to ban airsoft?

Bill C-21 reclassifies the toy guns used by Airsofters as replica firearms and lists them as prohibited devices under the Criminal Code.

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Airsoft is a sport that appeals to players from every background, religion, and ethnicity and represents what it means to be in a supportive and inclusive community.

Like other sports, airsoft has a strict set of rules and regulations to keep players safe.

Those who consider themselves to be part of this community are passionate and committed to their fellow airsofters — a bit of a big, loving and dysfunctional family, if you will.

Even with strict rules, and the crime rate involving plastic toy guns being almost zero, the federal government seems set on abolishing this sport.

It was on May 30, 2022, that the Government of Canada introduced Bill C-21.

Bill C-21 reclassifies the toy guns used by airsofters as replica firearms and lists them as prohibited devices under the Criminal Code.

We will know if Bill C-21 passes in two days.

This small change to the definition of airsoft guns, as well as some models of guns paintballers use, will have a massive impact on the community in Canada. This is including, but not limited to, the prohibited sale and transfer of these toy guns. In addition, anyone looking to get involved in airsoft or paintball wouldn't be able to, ensuring this community of individuals would be left with no choice but to disperse and, eventually, die out altogether.

Bill C-21 will also contribute to huge financial implications that will directly affect the small businesses which work to keep airsofters and paintballers stocked up with the latest gear and other merchandise.

In an already struggling economy, millions of dollars in sales will go unaccounted for by these small businesses and will likely result in hundreds losing their jobs and life savings.

To help us put a stop to this and other federally mandated restrictions pushed to keep guns of any sort out of the hands of law-abiding Canadian gun owners or airsoft lovers, go to HandsOffOurGuns.ca and sign our petition there.

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