Will you eat the bugs? TPUSA Student Action Summit attendees react

We asked attendees at SAS 2022 if they would eat the bugs. Here's what they had to say!

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Rebel News traveled to Tampa, FL, over the weekend to attend the Student Action Summit, an event hosted every year by Turning Point USA to help promote conservative values to college students and allow them to network with other conservative students and organizations.

Organizations such as the World Economic Forum have recently been trying to convince people to change their protein intake of meat, from cows and chickens to bugs. Their reasoning for the change in diet is allegedly because bugs have a lower carbon footprint and the diet would be considered more environmentally friendly.

Rebel News thought it would be a good idea to ask the attendees of the Student Action Summit, from key TPUSA figures like Charlie Kirk, to high-profile journalists like Julio Rosas, to regular attendees, if they would make the switch.

All of the attendees condemned the attempted actions of groups such as the World Economic Forum trying to force people to change their diet. The attendees also stated that they think the leaders proposing the dietary changes would be hypocrites since they would still eat fine meats like filet mignon while poorer people would be forced to eat bugs.

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