Woke mob cancels Dave Chappelle (again): comedian David Lucas reacts

As a comedian who has spent time around Dave Chappelle, David Lucas says the comedy legend is in no way a transphobe.

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Comedian Dave Chappelle is no stranger to attempted cancellations. In 2021, Netflix employees staged a walk-out and protest against Chappelle's stand-up special, which they claimed was transphobic despite supporters and counter-protesters explaining that it was likely the outraged employees simply had an issue with jokes.

However, a venue in Minneapolis, Minnesota called First Avenue has cancelled the comedy legend's set on extremely short notice — the night of. The cancellation is allegedly due to 'transphobic' jokes on the part of Chappelle.

In a statement, the venue says they “believe in diverse voices and the freedom of artistic expression, but in honoring that, [they] lost sight of the impact [the performance] would have.”

On their website, First Avenue features a “Code of Conduct” which includes, among many other rules ranging from reasonable to ridiculous, the following faux pas:

  • biased language, including intentional misgendering
  • abuse of power
  • respect the physical and emotional boundaries of others in the venue

Most of the items listed (that are crimes) render most of the list obsolete.

Comedian David Lucas joins Rebel News to discuss the cancellation attempts comedians face.

“The people protesting Chappelle are not the type of people who go to comedy shows,” Lucas explained while on tour. “This all started 20 years ago from the 'everyone gets a trophy' culture,” he continued.

Lucas has shared venues with the likes of Joe Rogan, Louis C.K., Tony Hinchcliffe and many more. “I've hung out with Dave Chappelle a few times, and he is definitely not transphobic,” Lucas said.

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