Xi Jinping optimistic for China’s future, as country experiences economic rebound

Xi Jinping optimistic for China’s future, as country experiences economic rebound

Chinese President Xi Jinping issued a bullish assessment of China’s future, just as America is undergoing a massive political upheaval that saw unrest at the U.S. Capitol last week, noting the “time and the situation” are on China’s side.

Speaking to a conference of provincial and ministerial-level officials on Monday, Xi said he saw “opportunities, in general, outweighing challenges,” a shift from his often bleak warnings in previous months, where he warned about the challenges posed by President Donald Trump’s “America First” policies. Xi expressed new confidence that China would gain in the long term with the impending inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

“The world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, but time and the situation are in our favor,” Xi told the session at the Communist Party School, Xinhua News Agency reports. “This is where our determination and confidence are coming from.”

Bloomberg reports that Xi’s remarks come amid an economic rebound in China and unrest in the United States. A forecast released by the Center for Economics and Business Research in 2020 projected that China would overtake its Western rival as the world’s largest economy in 2028. 

Xi made similar remarks when China’s relationship with the United States dropped to historical lows, over disputes about its treatment of democratic activists in Hong Kong and its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to Xinhua, Xi urged officials to remain “humble and cautious,” and said they needed to improve their efforts in raising awareness of potential dangers and consider worst-case scenarios as more complex and difficult challenges lay ahead of China.