Duo of Canadian doctors brag about euthanizing 700 patients

'It's the most rewarding work we've ever done,' boasted Ellen Wiebe, a doctor who works with Dying With Dignity Canada.

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According to the Daily Mail, a man who had been denied access to Canada's lax medical assistance in dying program reached out to Dr. Ellen Wiebe for the service. The man travelled to Vancouver, and Weibe euthanized him.

Obstetrician Stefanie Green admitted to killing 300 people in the same manner. Green calls the act a "delivery."

The Canadian government's Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program has been mired in scandal since its inception in 2016.

Military veterans, including a Paralympian, Christine Gaulthier, who was injured in a training exercise and was unable to convince Veterans Affairs bureaucrats to provide her with a home chair lift for her wheelchair.

The alleged suggestions to veterans to access MAID were offered by multiple VAC employees across different jurisdictions.

Although the MAID program was set to be expanded from the chronically and physically ill to include the medically ill in March 2023, that expansion has been delayed while the program is reviewed.

One in 30 deaths in Canada is now medically assisted; however, those numbers may not be indicative of the real data.

Physicians associations are considering protocols to exclude MAID as a cause on death certificates and requests for MAID no longer have to be made in writing.

To send a message to the federal government calling for help to be offered to the chronically, terminally and mentally ill instead of state-sanctioned death, please visit HelpNotHomicide.com.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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