'Not the brightest bulb,' Trump savages Australia's prickly U.S. Ambassador Rudd

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has cautioned that Australian Ambassador Kevin Rudd could face a brief tenure if Trump returns to the White House.

'Not the brightest bulb' Trump savages Australia's prickly U.S. Ambassador Rudd
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In a ruthless statement directed at the former Australian Prime Minister, U.S. Republican nominee Donald Trump expressed reservations about working with former Aussie PM Kevin Rudd.

Referring to rumours about Rudd's prickly demeanor, Trump stated:

"He won’t be there long if that’s the case" adding, “I don’t know much about him. I heard he was a little bit nasty. I hear he’s not the brightest bulb, but I don’t know much about him. If he’s at all hostile, he will not be there long.”

Trump's remarks have ignited diplomatic concerns for the Albanese government, especially as he leads in polls against Joe Biden.

Trump's comments came during an interview where he was questioned about the significance of the AUKUS submarine pact. However, the conversation swiftly turned towards Rudd.

Earlier endorsements of Rudd’s diplomatic capabilities have come from various quarters, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Democratic congressman Joe Courtney.

However, Deputy Liberal leader Sussan Ley suggested a need for reflection within the Albanese government on their previous criticisms of Trump.

As tensions rise amid Trump's warnings, the future of Australia-US diplomatic relations remains uncertain, with Rudd's tenure potentially hanging in the balance.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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