A Citizens' Hearing calls for scrutiny of Canada's COVID response

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance facilitated a 3-day inquiry into Canada’s response to COVID-19.

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Media contact and chair of the Government Relations Committee, Sonya Anderson joins me in this interview to discuss the intent behind A Citizens' Hearing, organized by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA). The CCCA is a science-led organization dedicated to observing evidence-based decision making.

Feeling a need to give citizens a voice who were reaching out with stories of how they were affected by pandemic policy, the CCCA wanted to create the atmosphere that Canada needs to have a national inquiry to affect change in the future. The three-day-long event, held from June 22-24, is an initiative geared toward discussing Canada’s response to COVID-19.

Elected officials had begun to reach out to the CCCA with concerns on behalf of their constituents and the hope is that the citizens' hearing captures these concerns. Sonya confirmed that the group “wants to engage with politicians, we want to work with them – of any stripe, of any level. We work with municipal and senators to have a really robust conversation.”

Over the three-day hearing, the organizers began to recognize “themes” and tried to organize the itinerary around specific topics.

Day one saw students sharing their stories of how mandates or masking have impacted them. This was complemented by a lawyer and expert who reinforced their testimonies.

The bulk of day two's presentations revolved around vaccine injuries and doctors sharing their experiences around censorship and punishment for going against the status quo.

Day three, Friday, will consist of two main events. The first, a non-partisan multi-level government relations roundtable with panelists who will be asked to give recommendations on moving forward. The day will commence with the development of a framework based on those recommendations.

The CCCA plans to continue to host events and discussions as long as people remain directly affected by the fallout of Canada’s COVID-19 response.

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