Apple AirTags are being used by predators to track people at Disney parks

A family discovered that their daughter was being tracked during the last four hours of their adventure through Magic Kingdom.

AirTag tracking people at Disney parks in the U.S
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Terror has befallen many people that explore Disney parks across the United States. They just found out that they were being tracked by AirTags, and didn’t know how it got planted on them.

Hannah Rose May, an Irish actress and writer, was exploring Disney Land on June 25 when she discovered that somebody placed the AirTag tracking device on her. She made the discovery after her smartphone linked up to the device over Bluetooth and sent her a notification. She was notified through Find My, a tracking application for iOS devices.  She had been tracked for two hours.

Another family visiting Disney World discovered that the tracking device was planted on them too. Jennifer Gaston claimed that her daughter Madison received a message notifying her that an Apple AirTag was tracking her. It tracked her while they were walking back to their car after leaving Magic Kingdom, one of the four Disney parks in Orlando.

Jennifer stated that a map showed that the device had been tracking them during their last four hours in the park.

Disney has parks at two locations in the United States; Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Disney World in Orlando, Florida. AirTag is a tracking device designed by Apple. The coin-sized device is intended to assist users in finding lost or stolen items through the Find My application.

Disney previously had a scandal involving child sex trafficking after an undercover sting operation in June 2022 resulted in the arrest of 12 people, including a Disney World employee.

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