WATCH: Alarm raised over Australia's 'ORWELLIAN' misinformation bill

Concerns rise over political push for power to control speech.

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In an effort to combat a threat to freedom of speech in Australia, a group led by Nick Patterson in Melbourne has taken to the streets to educate the public about a proposed misinformation bill in Federal Parliament.

Nick expresses deep concern about the legislation, describing it as a government tool that would act as "the final arbiter of all things true," having the power to control speech and restrict information that contradicts the government's narrative.

A small but vocal group expressed concern that the government's ability to label anything as misinformation might censor even the most innocuous opinions.

The group's key concern is the government's potential control over information dissemination, with critics drawing parallels to Orwellian dystopias.

Nick emphasises that this is not only about controlling political narratives but might even restrict individuals from speaking on personal beliefs and morals.

Others in the group express fears about the wider implications of the legislation, touching on concerns over digital money and potential restrictions on expressing dissatisfaction with political figures.

The group is calling for vigilance against further erosion of rights and freedoms, highlighting a collective anxiety about the path the government seems to be taking.

The proposed misinformation bill, aimed at regulating false information, has opened up a broader debate on the balance between government control and individual freedoms in Australia.

Critics warn of a slippery slope as politicians push the change as a "necessary step" to combat misinformation in the digital age.

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