Alberta Health Services piling on Pastor Artur Pawlowski | Adam Soos with Ezra Levant

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Alberta Health Services are currently attempting to persuade a judge to place Pastor Artur Pawlowski behind bars for an additional 21 days. Ezra Levant flew out to Calgary this past weekend for a discussion with Pastor Artur's lawyers about this emergency situation.

Rebel News' man closest to the story, Calgary-based reporter Adam Soos, joined Ezra Levant on yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show to share his thoughts on this most recent attempt to put Pastor Artur back behind bars.

Adam told Ezra that this seems to be an effort to make a further example out of Pastor Artur Pawlowski for daring to defy the public health guidelines:

They are just absolutely piling on. It's madness, quite frankly.

Sarah Miller [Pastor Artur's lawyer] in court today said at some point, the evidence should be the evidence. So she's like, you can't expect me to proceed with this when there continually applying evidence, I need an opportunity to cross examine this.

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