Airports set up separate lines for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. How do you feel about that?

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I first saw a picture of this at Vancouver’s International airport. Giant signs, with two lines — one for vaccinated people, one for unvaccinated people. I almost couldn’t believe it, but I know the signage at Vancouver’s airport, and that looked really real, and I saw it from some reputable news sources.

I couldn’t believe it; this went up with no notice, no warning, no public discussion, obviously no debate in a legislature, no vote, nothing like that.

True story, I sent that image to one of our civil liberties lawyers and said we should challenge this, and they wrote back saying, and I’m quoting here:

Add to your team of lawyers and get one in whatever country this is. (Also, can you see the future in this photo? ….I think I can, and it’s scary.)

I think that lawyer thought that picture was from a foreign country, because they didn’t recognize that was Vancouver, and many airport signs in Vancouver are in Chinese as well as English.

In other words, they thought — no way that’s Canadian, boy, hope it doesn’t happen here.

We sent our Drea Humphrey to the Vancouver airport to check it out — she couldn’t get to the part of the airport where those two lines are; they’re for international arrivals. But the airport spokesman did confirm to her, it’s real — and it was ordered up by Trudeau.

Now, just as soon as they went up, they started coming down — before I could mobilize our civil rights lawyers to take a run at them. They each used excuses that I simply didn’t believe — that it was too “inefficient”.

Yeah, do you believe that? Do you believe that airports, and the federal government, are against doing things inefficiently? Have you ever BEEN to an airport?

But do you doubt they’ll be back, more cleverly constructed? Oh, you can bet on it. I mean, you don’t think this is going to end soon, do you? Here’s a reminder — Trudeau is planning to have you on these experimental meds for years.

Have you heard anyone giving an expiration date for these vaxx passports?

They don’t; because it’s a permanent system.

GUEST: Adam Soos (@ATSoos on Twitter) on the latest updates on Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

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