Vancouver airport segregating travellers based on vaccination status

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Is segregation now one of the many previously condemned behaviours to become normalized in B.C. under the pretence of COVID-19 safety precautions?

It appears so. This past Friday, my cameraman Matt Brevner and I travelled to the Vancouver International Airport (YVR), located in the city of Richmond B.C., after learning that they were segregating travellers based on their vaccination status before they left the airport.

A statement obtained by Rebel News from YVR’s Media Relations Department states that the two-tier segregated lineup “is in place per government policy to help streamline the border clearance process as there are different entry requirements for vaccinated and non/partially-vaccinated travellers.”

But if that’s true, why is it necessary to put “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” on the signage of the two lines, rather than a letter or a number that would separate the groups without trampling on travellers’ medical privacy? Is the Vancouver airport not capable of directing passengers into the appropriate line based on the information they’ve already disclosed when booking their flights?

Unlike the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport, which has decided to stop segregating travellers based on their vaccination status, YVR seems to be digging their heels in and keeping it going, for now.

In this full report, you’ll see some of the travellers at the airport’s responses to the lineups, as well as hear what the latest travel restrictions are for the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

If you would like to see more companies that implement, or plan on implementing, measures that result in a lack of privacy and basic respect for their customers come to their senses, like Montreal-Trudeau International Airport did, please sign our petition at

Let’s not let such shameful practices become normalized in Canada.

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