Alberta MLA Dan Williams: Past time for unvaxxed students to be allowed back to post-secondary schools

The fact is, testing is a far safer mechanism to stop of the spread of COVID-19.

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Dan Williams, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for Peace River, and Joseph Schow, who represents the constituency of Cardston-Siksika, have penned a letter insisting that it is time for post-secondary students to be allowed to return to school, regardless of their vaccination status.

We have interviewed many students who have been excluded from their education based on their private medical decisions.

Some, heartbreakingly, were one semester away from graduating, have accrued students loans, and despite doing everything right, and being willing to be tested, schools across Alberta and Canada have heartlessly cast them aside, without a thought for their humanity or their futures.

The fact is, testing is a far safer mechanism to stop of the spread of COVID-19. Inexplicably, schools don’t want to hear that.

Additionally, schools which last year managed to provide online alternatives are now suddenly unable to provide this as an alternative either. They are falling in Justin Trudeau’s anti-scientific, discriminatory, and one-track footsteps.

It is refreshing to see conservative politicians willing to take a stand against unethical vaccine mandates, and who are standing up for his constituent’s rights and freedoms in truly conservative fashion.

Dan joined me for an unapologetic interview to discuss his letter, and to talk about the apparent shift towards freedom that seems to be on the horizon.

While Dan may be doing the right thing, most politicians in Alberta are either failing to act, or actively causing harm.

We are legally challenging these unlawful mandates, and the fake conservative political policies, that are stripping people of their rights. If you want to help these efforts, and get an official tax receipt, you can donate to The Democracy Fund at Your donations will be used to hire lawyers who will stand up for folks who might otherwise not be able to afford to fight back.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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