Alberta Premier Danielle Smith talks Trudeau's attack on oil with Ezra Levant

Ezra Levant sits down with Danielle Smith for an exclusive interview, where he asked the premier about the Trudeau Liberals' attacks on Alberta's oil and gas sector.

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I recently sat down with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith to talk about the Trudeau Liberals' war against Canadian oil and gas, and Alberta’s response.

  • why does Justin Trudeau refuse to sell Canadian energy to Japan and Germany?
  • why don’t anti-oil activists ever criticize OPEC or Russia?
  • will foreign oil companies ever come back to Canada or are they waiting for Trudeau to leave?
  • will oil pipelines ever be built?

And I couldn’t help but ask:

  • does she think Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault actually uses a plastic straw if he thinks no-one is looking?

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We thought this interview with Premier Smith was important enough that we wanted the whole world to see it, not just our special subscribers. So you can watch the whole thing here.

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