Alberta sparing no expense in effort to prosecute Mom's Diner for $1,200

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The Alberta government is wasting thousands of dollars to fight a restaurant in court to potentially squeeze a measly $1,200 in lockdown fines out of the small business.

Mom's Diner is in court this week fighting their lockdown ticket with the help of and top-notch litigator Chad Williamson.

The Red Deer restaurant came to us to through our special portal for lockdown defying small businesses,

As I was rolling into their parking lot to tell the story of owners, Wes and Leslie Langois, the local authorities and Alberta Health Services were at the front door of Mom's Diner, ticketing them for opening their doors to customers after the Alberta government ordered them closed.

We offered the Langois' some help, through, our civil liberties project where we help people who've received a lockdown ticket, fines, summonses or sometimes even criminal charges by putting them in touch with top criminal and civil lawyers at no cost to them.

The Langois had their first of what could be many days in court fighting back this week and their lawyer, Chad Williamson from Williamson Law, updated me on the court proceedings including the enormous amount of resources the government is willing to blow to smash the Langois' entrepreneurial dreams.

Six government officials were in court to square off against the Williamson Law team, costing tens of thousands of dollars. And that's just one case in one courtroom.

The government has issued hundreds, maybe thousands, of these fines. The Alberta government is sparing no expense to prosecute small business owners and families who are already financially crippled by the lockdown — people the government has left with so little to lose they are risking it all.

Williamson calls it “prosecution of the poor.”

Governments all across the country are using limitless resources to squash people who stand up to the lockdowns. These lockdown fighters can't do it alone.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to Approximately 2,000 people are able to fight for freedom because of you.

Donations to Fight The Fines now qualify for a charitable tax receipt through the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund.

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