Alberta's Sovereignty Act passes through the legislature

Premier Danielle Smith's signature piece of legislation, the Alberta Sovereignty Act, passed through the legislature early this morning.

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Just after 1 a.m., Bill 1, the Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act, breezed through the legislature 27-7 in its final reading after a marathon debate session.

Bill 1 is not a separation bill. It's a restraining order against the federal government, reminding it to stay in its jurisdictional lane and out of business that is constitutionally Alberta's to begin with.

In a series of bizarre assertions in the chamber, NDP MLAs, the pushers of their own job-killing, investment-deterring carbon tax and energy policies, said Bill 1 must die on the table to prevent investor flight.

The mainstream media, the Liberals, and the NDP are all singing the same chorus: that Ottawa knows better than Albertans what's right for Alberta.

Wouldn't an Alberta NDP government want protection from a federal Conservative prime minister one day? Their opposition to Bill 1 shows even they don't truly believe the NDP can win again in Alberta.

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