Watch Alexa Lavoie drop off a petition against Eric Adams' illegal migrant busing policy at NYC City Hall

Over 7,000 people signed a petition to tell the NYC Mayor to stop funding illegal migrants' journeys to cross into Canada at Roxham Road.

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams has fuelled the illegal immigration problem by announcing that he is helping to pay for bus tickets for migrants wishing to travel to Canada via Roxham Road. All of this is being paid for by New York taxpayers' money — you can see their reactions to Adam's policy in my last report.

The problem of illegal immigration to Canada is only getting worse; it is increasing the costs of that immigration and putting pressure on our legal systems. Rebel News wanted to respond by starting a petition against the political decision of Mayor Adams. Over 7,000 of you have signed so far, because you wanted your voice to be heard.

Lincoln Jay and I left Canada and headed to New York City's City Hall to deliver that petition to the mayor of New York City himself. This journey was a difficult and expensive one, but we had to do it. If you want to help us recoup the costs of this mission, please visit

Our petition was delivered, as promised, to the Secretary of Media Relations, as well as send by FedEx to the attention of Mayor Eric Adams. We also had the opportunity to speak with the Minority Leader of the New York City Council and opposition to Mayor Adams, Joseph C. Borelli, as well as other members of the city council. Watch this video for the full report.

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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

Contact New York City Mayor Eric Adams

Contact New York City Mayor Eric Adams directly to demand that he immediately stop trafficking illegal migrants to Canada through Roxham Road!

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