What do New Yorkers think of the US trafficking migrants to Canada?

In this report from our exclusive investigation into Roxham Road, we hear what New Yorkers think of Mayor Eric Adams' sending migrants to Canada's border.

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“We will continue to provide legal assistance and workforce training so that new arrivals can navigate our immigration system and find work as soon as possible. And we will also help asylum seekers begin new lives, not just here in New York City,” was what Mayor Eric Adams said as he addressed an influx of migrants in New York.

So what does Mayor Adams' policy look like in practice? Rebel News sent me and my producer, Lincoln Jay, to the U.S. to investigate how New York is shipping migrants to Canada's most infamous illegal point of entry, Roxham Road, just a short drive from Montreal, Quebec.

In part one of our “Roxham Road Exposed” feature report, we started our investigation into illegal immigration into Canada at a place you might not expect: Boston, Massachusetts. You can see what we uncovered in the video below:

After hearing in February that Mayor Adams was paying for bus tickets to send migrants to Canada — a process Adams' fellow Democrats described as “human trafficking” when similar actions were taken by states like Texas and Florida — we wanted to hear what New Yorkers themselves thought of the mayor's handling of this situation.

“I think if somebody's getting into the country without any documentation,” one man said, “then definitely they should be sent back.” Others didn't have an opinion or were unaware of the situation, with another man saying that New Yorkers don't trust Adams.

“There's so many homeless here, and they're bringing people from other countries when there's people here struggling with mental illness, who've made mistakes, who [were] in jail,” said a woman we spoke to. 

“Sounds a little bit surprising, given that New York is considered to be a sanctuary city,” a resident unaware of Adams' policy told Rebel News. “He's been very adamant about saying New York is a sanctuary city.”

“How do you have folks come from a different state or even a different country, and you allow them to live in a hotel?” wondered another. “But yet, the major crisis of homelessness is very, very big, broad. It's epidemic here.”

The reactions were perhaps best summed up by a man who said he immigrated to the U.S. in 2000: “If you want to seek asylum or be a refugee, do it the legal way.”

With President Joe Biden meeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today to discuss the Safe Third Country agreement, will anything actually change? After all, this isn't the first time we've heard Trudeau talk about fixing the problem at Roxham Road.

Stay tuned for more reports as we continue our investigation into Roxham Road. To follow along with our coverage, and to support this important project, visit RoxhamRoadExposed.com.

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