Alleged assault on camera: Woman attacked after asking for directions to anti-lockdown protest

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Have you ever asked someone for directions? Based on my experience, it almost always goes one of two ways: the person being asked goes out of their way to show you the best route. Or the person regretfully says they don’t know how to get there either.

Then there’s the bizarre and disturbing case of Lejla Blazevic.

Last Saturday, Lejla took public transit with her children to attend a protest at Queen’s Park in Toronto, demanding that Premier Doug Ford open up the economy. Just outside Women’s College Hospital, Lejla approached a woman and her teenage daughter. Lejla asked if they knew where Queen’s Park was located. And that’s when, inexplicably, everything went sideways.

The woman asked Lejla if she was going there to take part in the protest. Lejla answered in the affirmative. This infuriated the woman, who allegedly began verbally abusing Lejla, calling her nasty names, and noting that she was a terrible role model for her children.

But the encounter didn’t end there: the woman allegedly grabbed a cup of coffee from her car, ran back to Lejla, and threw it in Lejla’s face. Lejla alleges that she was further physically assaulted by the woman; as well, the woman’s daughter allegedly sucker-punched Lejla in the face, knocking her glasses off. Police were called and Lejla says she stood in front of the woman’s car to prevent her from leaving. When police arrived, the woman was charged with assault and assault with a weapon.

Needless to say, Lejla remains somewhat rattled by the incident. This was her first time ever attending a protest (which, alas, due to the assault, she missed entirely.)

But in the bigger picture, this alleged encounter makes for yet another odious example of the way discourse has devolved in our country. With certain people – i.e., Jordan Hunt, that wonderful gentleman who liked to kick and/or push pro-life women into traffic – the idea of agreeing to disagree is simply not on the table. If one espouses a contrary opinion, apparently one must be silenced – apparently, even with violence if need be.

In the months ahead, this matter will be heading to a court of law. And it will be heading to the court of public opinion, too, as Rebel News will be sure to cover the assailant’s trail in order to ensure justice is done for an individual who was merely trying to exercise her right of freedom of expression.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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