The Gray New Deal | Bryson Gray & Lewis Brackpool | Andrew Says 89

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Fresh off another chart-topping hit, Bryson Gray returns to Andrew Says to talk about his viral songs that have garnered huge views on Twitter and the process of making music on short notice to capitalize on news stories.

“I've been writing songs since I was four-years-old... it only takes me a couple hours and sometimes I do them live on YouTube,” Gray explained.

Joined by Rebel News U.K.'s Lewis Brackpool, the pair discuss the cancellation of controversial personality Andrew Tate, with Gray saying: “He was cancelled different than anyone else before; no warnings, no violations.”

Brackpool explains the British pubs on the verge of closure due to soaring energy costs while the hip-hop artist Gray debates whether these issues will come to the United States.

Exclusively on RebelNews+ Brackpool reveals that he has participated in a “white collar boxing” match as the group discuss recent YouTuber boxing events. As well, President Biden's remarks on firearms are discussed.

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