Censored in Texas: Uncle Lazer & Five Times August | Andrew Says 91

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Singer and songwriter Five Times August (Brad Skistimas) joins Andrew Says for the first time, heralded as one of the most talented musicians to directly call out authorities and politicians in anti-lockdown and anti-mandate songs.

Joining them, an 'oil patch comedian' hell-bent on shocking audiences with a combination of sleeveless shirts, snake-skin boots, a mullet and an unstoppable gift of gab, a stand-up comic named 'Uncle Lazer'.

Uncle Lazer explains the hypocrisy behind why he believes his TikTok post was removed, remarking “women can shake their butts all day selling CBD oils but I can't hit a golf ball out of my friend's *** *****!”

Skistimas sheds light on his own YouTube censorship in regards to a song critical of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The group discuss the New Orleans Mayor upgrading her flights at taxpayers' expense, the U.S./Mexico border remarks by Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre, as well as Uncle Lazer's experience working in southern oil fields:

“When a Republican is in office the prices go down, when a Democrat is in office the oil prices go up, which is actually better for my industry but it's funny how that works.”

Stay tuned to RebelNews+ for a bonus segment that you will not see on social media.

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