Ash Sarkar sparks controversy over callous tweet about Titanic Sub

Woke commentator receives huge backlash over callous tweet about the missing Titanic sub with people accusing her of using an unfolding tragedy for her own communist centric point scoring.

Ash Sarkar in deep water
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Well know self-proclaimed communist, Ash Sarkar, has caused controversy and faced large backlash online for a tweet about the Titan submersible. The Titan takes wealthy customers deep into the ocean to catch a glimpse the HMS Titanic more than 12,000ft below sea level and has been missing since Sunday with a five people onboard.

The controversial woke commentator who is a contributing Editor for Novara Media, tweeted yesterday "If the super-rich can spend £250,000 on vanity jaunts 2.4 miles beneath the ocean then they're not being taxed enough."

Ash Sarkar tweet

This has sparked furious backlash online with large numbers taking to twitter to accuse Sarkar of being “vile” and “lacking compassion”. Popular YouTuber Mahyar Tousi tweeted in response to Sarkar: "Evil and heartless tweet purely based on envy and hate."

The well know Media Personality, Emily Hewertson added to the online criticism by tweeting: The fact that Ash Sarkar’s first thought was about the wealth of those aboard the submarine, rather than their safety tells you all you need to know about “communists.”

Emily Hewertson

The bulk of online criticism against Sarkar revolves around her insensitivity around the subject with people accusing her of callously using an unfolding tragedy for her own communist centric political point scoring and trying to rack up likes and retweets.

Since Ms Sarkar's controversial tweet several memes have been circulating which mock the TV personalities tweet like this one from @grauniadmeme on Twitter.

Ash Sarkar joke

Rebel News understands that the SOS taps have been heard but the submersible has still not been recovered. The location of the submarine is still unknown however it is believed to be around the wreck of the RMS Titanic.

The latest reports coming out are that oxygen onboard the vessel carrying five people is predicted to have run out at 12.08pm UK time today and the US coast Guard says the search for the Titan is continuing in the area where noises had previous been detected by sonar devices.

It is feared that all five people onboard the Titan submersible may have died.

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