Aussie fact checkers roasted over nuclear energy 'misinformation'

Businessman Dick Smith has launched scathing criticisms against the ABC and RMIT's fact-checking unit, accusing them of spreading misinformation regarding nuclear energy.

Aussie fact checkers roasted over nuclear energy 'misinformation'
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Australian business magnate Dick Smith has launched a scathing critique against the ABC and the embattled fact-checking division at RMIT, alleging them of disseminating "misinformation" and "lies" regarding his statements on nuclear energy.

Smith, speaking on Sydney's 2GB radio, advocated for Australia to consider embracing nuclear energy, citing the impracticality of relying solely on renewables.

He condemned the CSIRO's assertion that a nation could sustain itself entirely on solar and wind power as "simply a lie."

The RMIT ABC Fact Check subsequently conducted a contentious fact-checking exercise on Smith's remarks, referencing countries like Nepal to support claims of 100% renewable energy feasibility. Smith denounced this, highlighting Nepal's heavy reliance on biofuel burning and widespread energy poverty.

This controversy is the latest in a series of missteps by RMIT fact-checkers. Despite criticism, the ABC continues its collaboration with RMIT until the contract's conclusion later this year.

In response, Smith vehemently contested the inaccuracies in the fact-check report, labeling it "full of misinformation and lies" aimed at discrediting him.

He accused the ABC of bias against nuclear energy, alleging deliberate distortion of facts to undermine proponents like himself.

Smith refuted ABC's claim about Nepal's renewable energy reliance, citing the country's extensive use of wood and fossil fuels in everyday life. Additionally, he criticised the selective interpretation of his remarks, emphasising the broader energy challenges beyond electricity.

Amid this dispute, Smith underscored the importance of a comprehensive approach to address carbon emissions, pointing to Tasmania's energy struggles during drought periods as a cautionary example.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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