Aussie PM under fire after Trump's blistering comments on US Ambassador Rudd

Shadow home affairs minister James Paterson asserts Anthony Albanese's responsibility if Kevin Rudd faces expulsion from the US.

Aussie PM under fire after Trump's blistering comments on US Ambassador Rudd
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Shadow home affairs minister, James Paterson, has placed the onus on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, contending that Albanese's judgment is at stake as former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd faces potential expulsion from the United States.

Rudd, who has been serving as Australia's chief representative in Washington D.C. since 2023, found himself under harsh criticism from former US President Donald Trump during an interview with conservative British commentator Nigel Farage.

In response to Rudd's remarks, Trump disparaged him as a "traitor to the West" and accused him of "rancid treachery."

Paterson, speaking to Sky News, acknowledged Rudd's diligent efforts in Washington but underscored concerns about his past inflammatory comments. Paterson emphasised that Rudd's selection was a contentious decision, given his history of undiplomatic statements about Trump.

The controversy surrounding Rudd's ambassadorship has sparked debate within Australian politics.

Opposition members, including Nationals leader David Littleproud and Opposition Leader Peter Dutton, have criticised Rudd's confrontational stance towards Trump.

However, Foreign Minister Penny Wong defended Rudd's effectiveness as an ambassador, praising his contributions to "advancing Australia's interests in the US."

Prime Minister Albanese decried the "politicisation of the ambassadorship" during Question Time, rebuffing allegations of poor judgment in Rudd's appointment. Nevertheless, concerns persist regarding Rudd's tenure, particularly in light of Trump's potential return to office.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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