Australia's Digital ID Bill 'rammed' through Senate amid criticism

The contentious government-backed digital identity scheme has swiftly passed the Senate, sparking outrage.

Australia's Digital ID Bill 'rammed' through Senate amid criticism
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Australia's contentious 'Digital ID Bill 2023' has been pushed through the Senate without debate, drawing criticism for its rushed implementation.

The bill establishes a framework for a comprehensive digital identity system, consolidating personal information such as driver’s licenses, Medicare cards, passports, and Centrelink details.

Despite assurances of voluntariness and promises to simplify citizens' lives, the Labor government has faced backlash for the lack of scrutiny given to the bill.

With just one month allowed for public submissions, the bill's passage without debate has sparked condemnation.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson criticised the Labor government's handling of the bill, decrying the lack of debate and transparency. 

Similarly, Liberal Senator Alex Antic labeled the swift passage of the bill as "extraordinary," highlighting the far-reaching consequences for Australians.

Senators Matt Canavan and Gerard Rennick highlighted concerns in their report submission, highlighting the broad powers granted to government agencies under the bill.

Critics argue that the vague language regarding mandatory requirements could lead to potential misuse of personal data and the creation of a social credit system.

The controversial bill has stirred fears of a dystopian future, with critics warning of the potential erosion of privacy and civil liberties in Australia.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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