Axe the carbon tax and CBC: Poilievre receives numerous ovations at Toronto rally

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre made a plethora of promises regarding how he'd go about fixing Canada after nine years of mismanagement at the hands of the Justin Trudeau Liberals.

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On March 10, thousands of people flocked to the Toronto Congress Centre to attend Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre’s “Axe the Tax” rally. The mood was both electric and optimistic.

Indeed, just a few hours before the rally kicked off, the latest poll regarding the federal political landscape in Canada was released by Abacus Data. And for Conservative supporters, everything is coming up roses.

Abacus notes that from February 29 to March 6, the company conducted a national survey of 1,500 adults exploring several topics related to the next federal election.

Bottom line: Conservatives lead the Liberals by 18 points. And talk about a winning streak: Abacus notes it’s been 658 straight days that the Conservatives have led the Liberals in its polling.

As well, Abacus states that if an election were held today, 42% of committed voters would vote Conservatives with the Liberals at 24%, the NDP at 18% and the Greens at 4%. (The Bloc Quebecois is at 34% in Quebec.)

Translation: the Conservatives are headed for a majority government. Other polls suggest that the CPC might capture as many as 223 seats.

As for the rally itself, Poilievre received numerous rousing ovations. He made a plethora of promises regarding how to fix Canada after nine years of mismanagement at the hands of the Justin Trudeau Liberals.

For example:

  • Not only is Poilievre promising to defund the CBC, but he said that he plans to redevelop the CBC’s Taj Mahal headquarters in downtown Toronto. So, goodbye opulent broadcasting studio, and hello to affordable housing.
  • In light of the surging crime across Canada due to a “catch and release” justice system when it comes managing violent offenders, Poilievre promised the Conservatives will get tough on crime. “Jail, not bail,” he said.
  • The Conservatives will stand up for “law-abiding sports shooter and hunters”, noting that these people, contrary to what Justin Trudeau believes, are not the problem when it comes to rampant gun crime in Canada.

As for the utopia car thieves are currently enjoying now — Poilievre noted that 25 vehicles are stolen per day in the City of Brampton alone — this is going to come to an end. Most stolen vehicles are shipped out of the Port of Montreal and end up in the Middle East and Africa. This is thanks to a lack of resources by those running the port. Poilievre pledged the Conservatives will ensure that every shipping container will be scanned for stolen goods.

Poilievre promised to cut billions of dollars that are going to consultants; as well, he will cut the billion-dollar Green Fund. He promised to repeal Liberal censorship bills.

He said all the Canadian aid money going to “dictators and terrorists” will be halted. Instead, those funds will be redeployed to the Canadian Armed Forces.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which shot down a Ukrainian Airlines plane in 2020 (killing 176 innocent people and an unborn baby, including 55 Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents), will be designated as a terror group.

And finally, Poilievre promised that no Conservative MPs will have anything to do with the World Economic Forum.

Each announcement received rousing applause from those in the audience who are undoubtedly anxious for regime change in Ottawa.

Afterwards, Rebel News conducted exit interviews with the attendees. Check out our video to see what they had to say.

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