B.C.'s COVID Related Measures Act “is a step toward tyranny”

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32 weeks. 227 days.

That’s how long British Columbia has been under a state of emergency due to the “COVID-19 pandemic.” Never before in history has anything allowed the B.C. government to have such extensive powers over its citizens for so long, like the Emergency Program Act, which has now been renewed 17 times.

Back in August, I did a report discussing this power the government had over us, including how the province may go about detaining individuals infected with the virus and placing them in isolation centres.

But it’s not just the powers the Emergency Program Act grants health and emergency officials we need to keep our eyes on… it’s also that there are new laws being passed in Canada without many citizens being informed about them.

In B.C., once such law is the Bill 19 – 2020: COVID-19 Related Measures Act. The Act, which was passed on July 8, 2020, not only grants sweeping new powers to the cabinet in the name of COVID-19, it also allows them to pass laws so quickly that the general public won’t have time to object .

At least one organization is calling out the government for passing of this draconian bill. Tanya Gaw from Action 4 Canada is speaking out about Bill-19 and preparing, with the help of others, to take legal action against the government in an effort to have the Bill revoked.

Watch my interview with Tanya to find out what she has to say. Had you heard of Bill-19 before, and does it concern you in any way?

Here at Rebel News, we bring you the other side of the story and that includes making sure you are aware of bills that are forced through without your knowledge or consent. If you’d like to support the journalism that we do, please head to HelpRebelNews.com

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  • By Ezra Levant


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