Biden victory would devastate small Alberta town booming from Keystone XL construction

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Joe Biden is not fond of Alberta's oil and gas sector, that is no secret. The Democratic candidate doubled-down on his promise to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline project back in May, saying I've been against Keystone from the beginning. It is tarsands that we don't need — that in fact is very, very high pollutant.

U.S. President Donald Trump approved the pipeline, and in a rare moment of friendliness to Alberta, even Prime Minister Trudeau approved the pipeline too. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney invested $1.5 billion into the project. 

One place benefitting from this investment is a small town in Alberta called Oyen. All of the work going on in the area has doubled the size of the town. Main Street is often packed with cars now, and stores have begun to extend their hours to accommodate the growth.

Residents if Oyen, AB, will have their fingers crossed on November 3 that the presidential incumbent Donald Trump is sent back to the White House for four more years.

See, if Joe Biden wins, this small town will be cancelled. 

Oyen is adjacent to the nearly 2,000km long Keystone XL pipeline. Business is booming for the first time in recent memory. Shops that were weeks away from closing following the oil price collapse and Wuhan-pandemic crisis are now thriving.

Over 7,000 jobs have been created just in Alberta, and thousands more have been created downstream of Oyen.

That could all disappear in November if Joe Biden wins the election.

I spoke with residents in Oyen to see what they thought of the town's growth and what the possibility of a Biden victory would mean for them.


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