CSIS: No foreign interference detected in Alberta, but the Green Movement's United Front Work Department targeted Alberta for years

The Canadian Security Intelligence Agency (CSIS) informed Premier Danielle Smith that Alberta wasn't the target of foreign interference. However, that assessment isn't entirely accurate. The foreign influencers weren't Chinese; rather, they were American colonial environmentalists.

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According to Rebel News reporting by Alex Dhaliwal, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith told Rebel News that she asked CSIS if Alberta was a target of foreign interference. "The answer was no, which I find quite surprising," she said.

An unnamed democratically elected politician vying for the leadership of their provincial party was to meet Chinese officials inside a Chinese Consulate in 2022, as first reported by The Bureau.

The classified Intelligence Assessment memo, published on October 31, 2022, detailed efforts by China to influence leadership candidates at all levels of government.

The chief allegations include Chinese officials arranging to meet an elected provincial official only identified as “CA3.” It did not disclose any names.

Only the B.C. NDP and Alberta United Conservatives selected leaders in the June to October 2022 time frame described by the Intelligence Assessment. Canada hosts four Chinese Consulates in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

Smith was told Alberta was not the target, leaving just BC as a possibility for the Chinese communist meddling.

But what about green communists?

Even if the CCP did not target Alberta, this province has been targeted by foreign meddlers looking to undermine our democracy for years. And they infiltrated our government to some of the most influential levels.

Here, from the Frontier Centre for Public Policy:

For many years, millions of dollars from the San Francisco-based Tides Foundation have been poured into Canada. The Tides Foundation’s website claims, “Since 1976, Tides has scaled more than 1,400 social ventures, fueled social change in 120+ countries, and mobilized over $3B for impact.”

Some of these have been in Canada. The Tides approach has long been to fund grassroots organizations in accord with its purposes.

Its influence was, for a time, largely opaque. That changed due to the research of Vivian Krause, whose digging through tax records and publication of articles shone a needed light.

Krause uncovered the Tar Sands Campaign, launched in 2008, designed to undermine the development of Alberta’s oil sands. The campaign strategy, written by Michael Marx of Corporate Ethics International, had theories of change which included “The legal potential to block vital links in the tar sands oil delivery infrastructure, potential costs to the industry associated with mitigation and legal fights” and “national carbon legislation that preempts tar sands oil.”

Funding Canadian NGOs through Tides was “a very high priority". Money flowed to Pembina Institute, ForestEthics-Canada, Ecojustice, Greenpeace-Canada, Sierra Club-Canada, Canadian Boreal Initiative, World Wildlife Fund-Canada, and Polaris Institute.”

Krause detailed a paper trail of 400 contributions totalling $36M that the Tides Foundation sent from 2009-2016 to 100 Canadian organizations involved in the Tar Sands Campaign.

From 2008 to 2012, the president and CEO of WWF-Canada was Gerald Butts, the longtime friend of Canada’s Prime Minister who later became his Principal Secretary.

Foreign-funded Canadian green underminers are similar United Front Work Department, the Chinese state-affiliated intimidation organization funded by the CCP to undermine and influence Canada in sinister ways.

It wasn't just Butts in the PMO.

Former Tides Canada VP Sarah Goodman was promoted to senior climate policy director in the PMO under Trudeau.

During the term of the previous Conservative PM, Stephen Harper, these environmental interlopers were audited. Trudeau ended those audits soon after taking power.

It wasn't just the PMO and Trudeau involved in the foreign meddling that targeted Alberta.

Under the NDP's Rachel Notley, the Alberta government enabled foreign meddling, appointing foreign-funded meddlers to higher office.

NDP Environment Minister Shannon Phillips co-authored an anti-capitalist book with Greenpeace activist Mike Hudema.

Forest Ethics, one of the named recipients of Tides anti-oil foreign funding, had one of its founders appointed to the Oilsands Advisory Group by Notley to undermine and attack the oil and gas sector from within and on the government payroll.

When the new Alberta Conservative government of Jason Kenney examined the foreign interference allowed to attack Alberta by Trudeau and Notley, EcoJustice and others on the Tides payroll took them to court. Was Alberta a target of Chinese foreign interference? Maybe. Or not.

But Albertans were the targets of foreign interference long before China popularized it.

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