Birthing rights protesters demonstrate against the BCCNM on International Women’s Day

The group of mostly mothers and birth workers' concerns fell on deaf ears when they arrived at the college to try and deliver letters defending their right to give birth where and with whom they want to.

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"Get out of our bedroom" – that's what some of the women who gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery on International Women’s Day chanted during a protest to defend their birthing rights.

A group of approximately 60 mostly mothers and birth workers attended the protest organized by a group called the Birth Care Alliance. They were protesting because they believe the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM) is beginning to infringe on their freedom to decide the locations they would like to give birth, such as in the comfort of their own home, and which type of birth workers they would like to assist them in doing so.

"This is about choice in birth, period. Where, when, how, with whom – it doesn't matter. We just want our choice for our bodies and our babies to be respected, whatever that looks like," Tania Campagnolo, one of the protest organizers, stated to Rebel News.

Among the concerns with the BCCNM that the protesters had is a "PUBLIC ADVISORY: Unauthorized practice of midwifery" notice that the college published to warn non-regulated birth workers that it is unlawful to work as though they were midwives.

The college went as far as to list the names of individuals they believe to be doing so, which the protesters claim to be inaccurate and also to have served as a form of intimidation that is resulting in some of their chosen birth workers feeling uncomfortable providing services.

Click on the full video report to hear from the protesters who want the government and pseudo arms of the government like regulating colleges to leave their birth decisions be. You'll also see the moment when, after peacefully marching to the BCCNM office to hand-deliver over 150 letters with their concerns, the demonstrators were treated by the building's security like a pack of thieves instead of a pack of concerned mothers on International Women’s Day.

Despite the BCCNM’s claims that certain birth workers are pretending to be midwives being publicized through the mainstream media, the birthing rights protesters that we interviewed say their side of the story has yet to be told...until now.

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