BLM outsiders planning “re-education” rally in small Alberta town

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The small rural town of Innisfail, Alberta is about to be invaded by radicals from big cities.

Plans to bus in activists from hundreds of kilometers away to rally protest in the small town has residents worried that it could turn violent.

Physical violence is not their only concern. The town has a large elderly population who have done their best over the last several months to keep COVID-19 out of their town.

One senior, sitting outside of the local town office told Rebel News that they have “kept the town clean” from COVID-19, and are worried that these young radicals will put their lives at risk.

That is not a concern for Black Lives Matter though, as their attendees continue to defy the social distancing laws in most jurisdictions. Their message is more important to them than the lives of COVID-19 victims. Cases of COVID-19 are on the rise among rally attendees, with reports saying that even if they attempt to socially distance, the virus still spreads.

The Black Lives Matter rally will take place on Saturday outside of “John’s No Frills,” which has admitted to allowing the rally to take place on their private property despite objections from the local community.

Curious to see how visible minorities felt about racism in the town, Rebel News spoke to them personally. “It’s been over two years since I’m here, and this town and people are so friendly,” local business owner Arif Majeed said. “I’m quite happy, I’ve never seen any racism in this town.”

Despite the community’s rejection of the radical-leftist re-education rally, Black Lives Matter is still intent on invading and re-educating the town which is reported by Statistics Canada to have a Black population of 0.449 per cent.

Some of the more radical members of the group’s online presence are beginning to get upset with the official organizers. Sara Jeanne lamented that she is “concerned about [the rally’s] content and the degree of white-saviorism that it appears to contain.”

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