Father of British Columbia NDP MLA on ride-sharing committee has held a taxi license for decades

A British Columbia NDP MLA on the legislature’s ride-hailing committee, Ravi Khalon, has a father who has held a taxi license for decades.

We take ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft for granted in other cities and jurisdictions. But Vancouver's case just goes to show how restrictive anti-free-market policies can be, and how disastrous they can be for our freedom.

Legislatures are putting a litany of absurd restrictions and onerous regulations have been put in place to limit potential ride-sharing drivers. For instance, totential drivers are being kept out of the market because they need to have a Class 4 license — the same one as an ambulance operator!

In this clip from the February 19, 2020 episode of The Gunn Show, Luis Sandoval of Stranded BC calls in to talk about this potential conflict of interest, and the regulations keeping Uber and Lyft drivers from thriving in the BC marketplace.