Bunnings set to hire 'dodgy' security firm

Bunnings set to hire 'dodgy' security firm
PHOTO: Facebook/BunningsWarehouseAustralia
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Bunnings Warehouse has raised some eyebrows in its likely choice of contracting MA Services Group to secure their Victorian stores.

The Fairwork Ombudsman previously investigated MA Services Group for allegedly underpaying migrant workers who couldn't speak English properly.

Industry sources say MA Services Group operate various other companies, presented as subcontractors, keeping the core entity of MA at arm's length in the event of any wrongdoing is discovered.

When approached for comment, a Bunnings spokesperson defended MA Services Group while claiming the contract is still open for tender:

"We are aware of the claims made against MA Services Group however, we understand they have been refuted."

Bunnings Chief Operating Officer Simon McDowell added:

We take a very thorough approach to procurement and we are satisfied with the extensive due diligence carried out in relation to the procurement of covert security guard services in our retail network. As part of this process, our Ethical Sourcing, Legal and Procurement teams review all business practices in detail, including pay rates and the broader business model.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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