BUSTED! We caught Kerry Luc/Kayla Lemieux at a shopping mall. And he was NOT sporting his 'real' Z-cup breasts!

Thanks to a chance encounter on Thursday afternoon at Mapleview Mall in Burlington, Ont., the jig is up for the Busty One.

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The last time that Mr./Ms. Lemieux  the Oakville Trafalgar High School shop teacher  went on the record, it was with the New York Post.

The Post had exclusive images, provided by photographer Nick Kozak, that caught on camera the image of a man in male clothing that was widely believed to be Lemieux.

Lemieux denied he was the person in the photo, but would not specify who that person was.

And to bolster his claims of mistaken identity, Lemieux dropped a bombshell. Namely, it was impossible for him to resemble a male because contrary to popular belief, those Z-cup breasts are not drag queen props but REAL mammary glands!

That’s right, according to Lemieux, he has a rare medical condition (that only afflicts biological women, but never mind) and allegedly he started to “develop” at 39.

Even if that is true, Lemieux could still wear appropriate clothing to teach shop class rather than a clingy blouse (with nipples always protruding) and bicycle shorts. But apparently that is too much of an ask – and the awful educrats at the woke-joke Halton District School Board refused to implement a teacher dress code for fear of coming across as being “transphobic” – even though Lemieux himself says he is not transgender but rather, intersex.

But alas, thanks to a chance encounter on Thursday afternoon at Mapleview Mall in Burlington, Ont., the jig is up for the Busty One. That’s because two Rebel News staffers (David Menzies and Lincoln Jay) found Lemieux shopping at the mall’s Hudson’s Bay store. But get this: Lemieux was dressed as a male. No bike shorts, no blond wig, and most surprisingly of all, no Z-cup boobs!

But how can this be? Lemieux is on record as saying those boobs are the real McCoy. Was he lying about that? Or did he recently have his breasts amputated – and if that is the case, he certainly made a remarkably quick recovery.

Alas, Lemieux was not happy at be spotted by Rebel News staffers clad in male attire sans boobs. And like a rat deserting a sinking ship, he left his Mazda behind in the mall parking lot and called Uber for his getaway ride. When we asked him, “Where are your breasts?” Lemieux simply covered his face in shame and made no comment.

Then again, what could he say? We caught this fetishist red handed. Indeed, Lemieux is a lying liar who continues to lie. And now that Rebel News has exposed this grifter in his biggest lie – that his massive Z-cup breasts are real — what are the woke dopes at the Halton District School Board going to do about this?

Their previous strategy was to move Lemieux around to other schools in Halton, hoping nobody would notice or complain about his fake silicon breasts. Predictably, that strategy failed in a spectacular fashion.

So, the board’s final solution was to simply pay Lemieux his full salary and benefits to stay at home and do nothing! Your tax dollars hard at work yet again.

Now that Rebel News has provided video evidence that this man is a lying cheat, will the HDSB divest themselves of this pervert? And for that matter, where is the milquetoast Minister of Education on this file, Stephen Lecce?

In the final analysis, the ball is now in the court of the HDSB. Will this wretched school board continue to pay this grifter to stay at home and do nothing? Or will the HDSB, finally, do the right thing? Stay tuned…

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