Calls for immigration halt amid growing crisis of congested Australian cities

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson advocates for a pause in immigration as new data shows an influx of migrants into Sydney and Melbourne, exacerbating city congestion and housing woes.

Calls for immigration halt amid growing crisis of congested Australian cities
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In a striking revelation, almost two-thirds of Australia's recent overseas migrants have converged on Sydney and Melbourne, intensifying urban congestion and exacerbating the housing crisis.

The influx, highlighted by a graph crafted by IFM Investors chief economist Alex Joiner, underscores the pressing challenges faced by these two major cities, each already grappling with populations exceeding 5 million and a crippling shortage of rental accommodations.

Of the record 548,742 migrants who relocated to Australia in the year leading to September, a staggering 186,433 settled in New South Wales, while 161,758 made Victoria their new home.

This influx has prompted One Nation leader Pauline Hanson to propose a five-point plan to address the escalating immigration levels, advocating for an immediate cessation of immigration amidst a record-low rental vacancy rate of just one per cent.

Hanson's call for action resonates with concerns over infrastructure strain and housing shortages. "We must catch up on our housing, infrastructure and services," she asserted, urging prioritization of the needs of existing Australian residents.

Despite the government's pledge to construct 1.2 million homes over the next five years starting from July 2024, challenges persist, including rising construction costs leading to increased liquidations within the building sector.

As debate over immigration rages, Hanson is rallying for public engagement, advocating for a national plebiscite on immigration policy.

Her stance aligns with public sentiment, with numerous polls indicating widespread opposition to high immigration levels. With elections looming in 2025, Hanson's message resonates with disillusioned voters, urging them to wield their voting power to influence policy decisions and address the pressing challenges posed by unchecked migration.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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