Can you count on the Conservative Party to fight against Bill C-11?

‘All we’re asking for is [...] consideration for the people who are going to be potentially very affected by this legislation,’ affirmed Conservative MP Blaine Calkins.

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Last week, I went in front of Parliament to ask tough questions to Liberal MPs, and I met multiple members of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet, which included Justice Minister David Lametti, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez and Immigration Minister Sean Fraser.

It’s not surprising, but none of Trudeau’s ministers were able to answer my questions. Lametti decided to remain silent while walking, and Rodriguez called me disrespectful. 

You can watch the full video for yourself by clicking here

This week, what I wanted to find out was what concrete actions, if any, Conservative MPs are taking to fight back against Trudeau’s censorship bill, Bill C-11. 

Melissa Lantsman was gracious enough to give me a detailed response regarding what she believes to be wrong with the bill, and what the party is doing to fight it. 

I also spoke with Blaine Calkins, who outlined the fact that Conservatives are very knowledgeable about online speech, and that they brought in multiple witnesses to testify in their favour. 

Former party leader Erin O’Toole said he didn’t know what the Conservative Party was doing. 

“I hope our colleagues in the Senate study this bill for what it is, because I think it is dangerous,” affirmed Lantsman, the MP for Thornhill, Ontario. 

Calkins also went on to say that he finds the current Liberal government to be composed of far-left ideologues, whereas the citizens of Canada find themselves in the middle. 

“Right now the House of Commons is being ruled by a consortion of extreme left-wing ideology in my opinion,” Calkins categorically stated. 

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