Canada Day is in 2 days and Rebel News is sending 2 journalists to cover the events

Earlier today, Rebel News reporter William Diaz-Berthiaume walked to Parliament Hill to take a look at how things were looking ahead of Canada Day. A Parliament security guard said that people were not allowed to bring a flag on Parliament hill.

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The amount of security and police officers present in front of Parliament was extremely high.

Barricades were also very noticeable, and they prevented people from being able to walk freely around the building. The blockades were everywhere, making it nearly impossible for regular citizens to access the premises of the publicly-funded buildings.

Rebel News was able to get in touch with a security guard on scene, and we asked him how we could enter Parliament Hill.

Since the security guard appeared to be a French Canadian, the exchange occurred in French.

“If you want to go on the Hill, go down on Wellington and you’ll see a checkpoint like this one. They will take a look at you, analyze you, and then possibly let you in,” he stated. “It’s just to make sure people don’t come with a flag.”

Based on what the security guard said, it is impossible to enter Parliament hill with a flag. On Canada Day. On the day that Canadians are supposed to celebrate our nation — including our flag.

There are also an enormous amount of roads that will be blocked in Ottawa this weekend. These range all the way from the city of Gatineau to the street of Somerset, in Ottawa.

To cover all the action, Rebel News is sending David Menzies and William Diaz-Berthiaume to Ottawa, alongside two videographers, to cover the action and bring you the side of the story the police and mainstream media do not want you to see.

To view all of our content related to Canada Day, please head over to, where you can follow along with our reporting or send us a donation to help cover the cost of our on-the-ground journalism.

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