Canadian navy member takes to social media to validate pedophilia!

Military members are supposed to be upstanding citizens, the ultimate servers and protectors of sovereignty, which makes the perverse comments even more concerning.

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Many have been sounding the alarm on the increasingly fetishized and sexual deviancy seen in society – from pride celebrations to the never-ending alphabet of inclusivity, which forces everyone to engage in and validate gender dysphoria as some sort of virtuous identity fact, instead of the theorized ideologue that it is.

Concerned citizens have been saying that these slippery slopes of an all encompassing obsession with deviancy paves the way for validated pedophilia under the term, 'Minor Attracted Person' (MAP).

Apparently, Canada’s very own naval member Jessica wanted to chime in on the Pride festivities seen throughout the month of June, where she posted the following comment on her social media page:

“Pride is for everyone and every sexuality is valid and every experience is valid. MAP rights are human rights and MAP is a legitimate part of the queer community and culture.”

At least one commenter pushed back on this disgusting comment by saying, “no, minors cannot consent – those who are older have significant power over minors, it is not a consensual or equal relationship.”

But Navy Jessica responded, reinforcing her position as valid:

“THE UN 8 March principles for human rights states: ‘Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law” the Geneva-based international commission of jurists wrote in March with an assist from UNAIDS and the Office of the United Nations Commissioner for Human rights.’”

This particular statement received a lot of backlash on social media with some saying that the UN was essentially calling for the decriminalization of sex between minors and adults, prompting the UN to issue clarification where they state:

"In the application of law, it is recognized that criminal sanctions are not appropriate against adolescents of similar ages for consensual non-exploitative sexual activity… The UN is resolute in fighting the sexual exploitation of children, upholds that sexual exploitation and abuse of children is a crime, and supports countries to protect children."

Even Navy Jessica misrepresented what the UN was saying as some sort of confirmation that the disgusting perversion of pedophilia is legitimate.

Still, Jessica clung to her bias.

She further commented that “People can’t choose who they are attracted to and if the adult approaches the child and the child says yes then they are both consenting.”

Other commenters pushed back again, asking Jessica if she would engage in an unthinkable act; have sex with a 10-year old if they said yes, and another reminding her about a little something called self-control while reminding everyone about the textbook definition of a pedophile – someone who is attracted to prepubescent children.

Jessica responded with a book that she read, "A Long Dark Shadow by Allyn Walker. It teaches you that it’s not about self control. People don’t choose to be attracted to minors and it explains why pedophile is a derogatory term."

A Long Dark Shadow – Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity was written by a now resigned university professor who claims that this work has been mischaracterized, “partly on the basis of my trans identity.”

It would appear that the book attempts to destigmatize pedophilia by prioritizing the feelings of deviant, disturbed, and perverted adults over the protection of innocent children.

And de-stigmatization is the first step in normalization.

Low and behold, some in the comments of this book review on Good Reads say this is part of an ongoing agenda to normalize paedophilia.

The identity of Navy Jessica links back to this person, MS (Master Seaman) Jessica Silva, a shipborne Air Controller in the Canadian Navy.

Jessica Silva’s LinkedIn has since been removed.

Since Canadian Armed Forces members could not partake in any freedom oriented initiatives, whether it be speaking out against the government sanctioned COVID-19 vaccine mandates, or advocating against knee-jerk public health restrictions without facing chain of command repercussions, Rebel News wanted to reach out to the media contact at the Navy to see if members would be tolerated.

Media relations responded that "harmful and inappropriate conduct, be it through words or actions, is completely incompatible with the values and culture of the Royal Canadian Navy. The Chain of Command will not hesitate to act and, if necessary, remove from our ranks those who are unwilling to conduct themselves professionally."

The Royal Canadian Navy has an obligation to ensure an ethical, respectful, professional environment for all its members and reflect that commitment in our interactions with those outside the RCN. Operationally, our continued success depends on an unwavering trust and cohesion among members based on strong morals and integrity regardless of circumstance, ethnicity, gender, background, or persuasion.

There will be an investigation into this matter. A fair and unbiased investigation into allegations of wrongdoing is fundamental to our system of justice and concept of democracy.

While we understand the public’s interest in the matter we must always ensure the integrity of any investigation protects the complainants and safeguards due process.

Although the individual was not named to the media relations line, it appears that they are already aware of the situation.

But will Jessica Silva be able to hide these perverted comments behind some arbitrary gender orientation designation - under the gender inclusivity policies of the Canadian Armed Forces, as the force increasingly struggles to recruit members? A move that has compromised operational readiness, leaving Canada’s military short on without trained, effective members.

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