Cancelled from the music industry, Matt Brevner still making a difference

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The music industry is one where artists are quick to be cancelled. Say the wrong thing, be seen in the wrong place — and suddenly the online mob is demanding nameless, faceless corporate executives remove the artist from their label. Build enough pressure and it happens.

Take it from Vancouver, British Columbia's Matt Brevner. Using his last name as an artist, Matt made a career for himself in the music industry. Then, after an incident involving a street preacher in Vancouver, Matt was labelled a number of “isms” by the mob and dropped from his label.

After that happened, Matt connected with a longtime friend and Rebel employee about working for Rebel News. On a recent episode of The Ezra Levant Show that featured a number of the new Rebels, Matt explained to Ezra why he wants to work in the news business, and how this new path is helping him keep making an impact:

I feel a duty to not only tell the truth, but make it in a way that's digestible for folks who, maybe, you know, look like me or are into the same things that I'm into.

Because you know my generation has spam blockers up, but unfortunately they don't have the sharpest discernment for what's spam and what isn't.

So, I feel like if we can package the truth in a way that people are familiar — at least, you know, to seeing it. And me watching Vice and Vox and whatever else, then hopefully we can plant some seeds of truth in people and watch those things grow into oak trees of righteousness.

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