EXCLUSIVE: CBC aims to form “emotional bond” with young Canadians

EXCLUSIVE: CBC aims to form “emotional bond” with young Canadians
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An exclusive investigation by Rebel News has revealed that the CBC's Strategic Plan includes a stated goal to form an “emotional bond” between young viewers and both the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Radio-Canada.

The Strategic Plan also notes that “the Corporation is also taking steps to cultivate younger audiences.”

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In addition to seeking to form 'emotional bonds' with kids, the CBC intends to be an online safe-space that will teach kids how to identify fake news.

From page three of the Plan:

The Corporation's new Strategic Plan indicates that CBC/Radio-Canada wants to engage with young audiences by becoming a safe online destination for kids and improving media literacy.

The Plan also calls for “engaging with young audiences” and “increasing children's programming on all platforms.” Oddly, the CBC considers 34-year-olds to be on the “younger” side of their viewership:

With projects like Radio-Canada's Rad, which is designed to develop innovative news formats for 18- to 34-year-olds through social media, the Corporation is also taking steps to cultivate younger audiences.

Strategic Priorities: “Create an emotional bond”

On page 77 of the Plan, CBC's lays out Five Strategic Priorities. Here's Priority Two, “Engaging with young audiences”:

We will become a leader in bringing the best content to our children and youth with the goal of enriching their lives and engaging them with their country.

On page 79, you can read a breakdown of Priority Two:

  • Become a leading brand for children and youth content
  • Spark young people's curiosity and create an emotional bond with CBC/Radio-Canada
  • Expand our range of services for all ages, with more kids and youth content available across CBC/Radio-Canada and partner platforms

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