Liberals paying influencers to promote their message to millennials and Gen Z voters

With polling numbers crashing, the Liberals are looking for a new way to get their message across.

Liberals paying influencers to promote their message to millennials and Gen Z voters
The Canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick
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It's not just in your head — the Liberal Party has flooded social media with influencers promoting their message to regain the millennial and Gen Z vote!

Several content creators were invited to the Justin Trudeau government's federal budget lockup, where they were given early access to the Liberals' new spending blueprint, the Canadian Press reports.

Typically, these invitations are hard to come by, especially if you aren't working for the government. However, with polling numbers crashing, the Liberals are seeking a new way to get their message across.

One duo of creators, Dennis Mathu and Stephanie Gordon — known online as Steph & Den — spoke to the Canadian Press, where they confirmed that the Liberals were looking to appeal to young voters and those who consume info through social media.

“They are seeing we are building this audience and they want to tap into that,” said Gordon.

The pair have 750,000 followers across all social media platforms, including Tiktok, which the Trudeau government banned on government devices in February of last year due to privacy and security concerns.

“They realize that a lot of young people do not watch the news anymore. They don’t consume traditional media,” Reni Odetoyinbo, another influencer who was invited to attend the budget announcement, said. “Especially for people my age. This is their main source of news.”

The Liberals are keeping their lips sealed regarding their exact plan for the influencers and how they are being used, but they did say that they are not paying influencers to attend government events.

“Canadians are consuming digital content more and more,” said Trudeau spokesman Mohammad Hussain in a statement. “As the media landscape grows, so does our approach to how we communicate.”

Canadian politicians aren't the only ones turning to TikTok and other social media platforms to reach younger voters. The Biden administration has also hired influencers to spread their message.

Before the last State of the Union address in March, around 70 digital creators and publishers met with the administration to help amplify Biden's message. Wired reports that the creators had a combined audience of more than 100 million followers across all platforms.

The Public Health Agency of Canada spent nearly $10 million on efforts to persuade the public to receive the novel mRNA COVID-19 injections through strategic social media messaging and promotion.

Meanwhile, the 2024 Liberal budget allocates $42 million to the Canadian state broadcaster (CBC), despite abysmal viewership.

That's on top of the roughly $1.3 billion they already get from taxpayers each year.

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