Trudeau Liberals blame the 'far right' — not Islamic jihad — for the rise in anti-Semitism

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Tonight, Ezra Levant uncovers why conservatives and Jews should denounce hate speech rules.

In Budget 2024, the federal government affirmed its commitment to protect the rights and dignity of all Canadians. But in typical Liberal fashion, they preyed on our fears with the aim of consolidating power.

With a $273.6 million taxpayer investment, the Trudeau Liberals expressed their desire to eliminate hate. Naturally, it poses an extremely serious problem, and it is incumbent upon our leaders to deliver and invest in a serious way.

Rather than address the elephant in the room, Ottawa has decided to milk the 'far right' boogeyman for all the political capital it can muster. 

Is it the far right that's having hate marches? It is not. It's the woke left in coalition with Islamist extremists.

Hamas encampments ravaged college campuses from coast to coast, and hate marches continue to manifest in our streets. Folks, the threat of anti-Semitism hasn't been this high in decades.

Rather than address the root cause of anti-Semitism, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet have decided to play politics with our lives and our freedoms.

Ottawa's funding announcement reflects nothing more than their lack of political will to enforce current criminal laws. Their attempt to legislate new hate speech laws is nothing more than clever misdirection to secure re-election.

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