CBC hiring trauma therapists for journalists

Looks like the Freedom Convoy protesters telling off the state broadcaster and some mean tweets are really taking their toll.

CBC hiring trauma therapists for journalists
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Canada's billion-dollar state broadcaster is looking to hire trauma therapists for their journalists.

According to the posting on MERX, a job posting website:

The Request for Information (hereinafter “RFI”) is to identify Suppliers that can deliver turn-key Critical Incident, Trauma, and Peer Support services tailored to the unique realities of newsgathering teams in the field as well as pre and post-deployment.

  1. Development and Implementation of a Trained Peer Support program
  2. Globally available in-field, In-person, online, and by telephone 24/7/365 Critical Incident and Trauma supportPre-Deployment Sessions
  3. Post-Deployment Support
    · including in-person, globally in-field/on-site Rest & Recuperation (R&R) sessions

A CBC reporter gained international infamy for the mean messages he said he received from Ottawa convoy protesters before being forced to admit the texts could have come from anyone:

Submissions to become a CBC emotional support care worker close May 27, 2022.

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