The CBC won't stop lying— we need your help to keep them accountable!

The CBC are liars paid off by Justin Trudeau with nearly $1.5 billion in your tax dollars annually!

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The CBC lies, and we need your help to hold it accountable.

The state broadcaster's most recent disagreement with the truth came in the form of a forced correction to a story that nearly flipped the Alberta election in favour of the NDP. It was misinformation that took six months to acknowledge.

CBC published a story alleging Alberta Premier Danielle Smith's office had put direct pressure in the form of email communications on the prosecutorial service dealing with COVID-19 infractions still before the courts.

It would be a catastrophic example of political meddling in the justice system, that is, if it were true.

It was not.

After an investigation by a retired judge, Marguerite Trussler, that saw an examination of hundreds of thousands of documents and extensive interviews with all parties, no direct communications were found to have existed.

But the damage was done.

The allegations were fake; however, the impact on the Alberta election was very real. It was a fabricated scandal which called into question the premier's ethics in the middle of a hotly contested election campaign.

This isn't the first time CBC has fabricated allegations about opponents of Justin Trudeau's radical progressive agenda.

CBC was forced to correct at least two separate stories alleging foreign funding to last year's anti-mandate Freedom Convoy, laying the groundwork for the government to accuse the peaceful demonstrators of undermining Canadian democracy.

The threat of an undermined democracy is coming from inside the house. It's the CBC that undermined the integrity of the Alberta election with their lies about the premier.

The state broadcaster undermined the democratic right of peaceful convoy protesters in the nation's capital by accusing these outraged Canadians of being tools of hostile foreign operatives.

CBC lies.

And they're paid by Justin Trudeau with your tax dollars in nearly $1.5 billion in direct subsidies annually to lie.

CBC knows they lie. Their retractions are an admission.

To send a message to the CBC that we all know that they are peddlers of disinformation and misinformation, please sign the petition on this page.

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