SHE’S IN TROUBLE: Watch what happens when I talk to voters in a district with a pro-Hamas Liberal MP

Ezra Levant distributes Rebel News flyers and asks residents in Liberal MP Ya'ara Saks' riding what they think of her being pictured holding hands with terror leader Mahmoud Abbas.

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Normally, I talk about matters that are global in nature. I talk about freedom of speech, I talk about Donald Trump, sometimes I even report from overseas. But today, I'm reporting from my own neighbourhood in Toronto.

I live in the electoral district of York Centre, which means I have the unfortunate luck of being in a riding whose member of Parliament is Ya'ara Saks. She's a Liberal MP, but she's different than most.

Even though she's Jewish, she actually flew to Ramallah to pose for a photograph with the arch terrorist, Mahmoud Abbas.

He was the financier of the terrorist attack that murdered Israeli athletes during the Olympics there. He's the one who, as Palestinian president for life, actually pays the families of terrorists — “pay for slay,” it's nicknamed. He gives them a pension if they attack Jews.

That was the man that Ya'ara Saks flew to meet. Not just meet, to embrace with a weird handholding. Saks had no reason to meet with him. She’s the minister for mental health. She has nothing to do with foreign affairs or diplomacy or military matters. 

It's a disgrace, and so I have decided to print up photos of that grotesque meeting and mail them to every single house and apartment in the district.

That's over 40,000 of these flyers, and I stopped by a shopping centre in the district to hand out some and see if people have heard of this incident, what they think about it, and to encourage them to visit our website,

Here's what a few of the people had to say:

“The leadership is so lacking,” said one woman. “To call them leaders is really exaggerating, correct? But I'm not surprised by anything. Am I afraid? I'm very afraid.”

Another man said it's shameful that Saks would hold hands with Abbas for a picture.

“Holding hands with a man who denies the Holocaust. He had an essay, a thesis that the Holocaust never happened. So, this is a big slap in the face,” he said. “One thing about Ya'ara is, she's a coward. She'll post stuff on her Instagram but won't allow for comments, so there's no rebuttals, there's no dialogue.”

I’m glad Toronto voters are starting to wake up. But I’m not done yet. I won’t rest until every single voter in the district knows the truth about Ya’ara Saks.

Here’s my plan — what do you think of it?

  1. As I mentioned in the video, I’ve mailed a copy of that brochure to every single household in the district — more than 40,000 homes. It started landing in mailboxes yesterday.
  2. We drove a billboard truck around the district, with a giant image of Saks and her terrorist buddy.
  3. We’ve set up a petition at that has thousands of signatures on it; and
  4. We’re actively planning a town hall event about the subject.

I’m so mad about this — and judging by the people I met on the street, I’m not the only one. I did not encounter a single person who supported Saks.

If you think it’s important to hold Trudeau’s pro-terrorist MPs to account, let me know — and if you can, help me out. Go to

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